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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We Love You, Babe
Our Rhodesian Ridgeback who was Always Very Loving + Will Be Loved, Forever....

Intelligent, Friendly, Loyal, Dedicated, Athletic, Funny, Fun Loving, Gentle, and the Teaching, Playful, Always-Sharing Mother for her and Mickey's 10 Rhodesian Ridgeback/Border Collie Puppies, + THE # 1 Best Dog, of All Time!!

.... Patrolling and protecting her Puppies + Us + Our home + acres (and, once in a Gr8 while, wondering-about and wandering to visit her Mickey and/or the nearby lake and other curiosities, while worrying us too much!)

Your babies Bud, Cindy, and Luke, your Best Friends B.C., T. R., J. B., C. M., “The Deputy," “The Colonel," and “The S.A.I.C," your kewll cat home buddy's Marquis and Coco, your neighborhood honey Mickey, and friends Hunter, Smokey, Beethoven, Rudy, Sparky, and Bear, Our neighborhood cats, horses, cattle, sheep, goats, minks, ducks, geese, aquarium fish, the wild deer, the lake fish, eagles, hawks, hummingbirds, and your many additional Loved Ones, will all Love and Miss You, Every day!! God Bless You, Babe, + Rest in Peace.

Our Babe was a 94 pounds member of the hound family.

The Ridgeback is indigenous to Africa, and is its only animal that when employed in a pack will track, corner, and not be killed by a lion.

We rescued Babe at an animals shelter when she was an estimated 2 to 3 years of age. The above photo was when Babe was about 10.

a.k.a. # 1, Sweetie, Sweet Heart, Babe-er, Baby, Baber-roo, B, Numero-uno, B. R., Puppy, Mother, Giblet, Brandon's Best Friend, Best Friend, Friend, Noodles, Smart girl, Smart puppy, Einstein, Sherlock, Intel, Tots, Lady, Barbecue-helper, BBQ-taster, Bath-Happy, Bath-puppy, Bath-brain, Good helper, Work helper, Hearty helper, Mrs. Kisses, Mrs. Smiles, Smilie, Happy Babe, Happy Girl, Happy dog, Happy, Funny dog, Kid, Wiggles, Pretty Girl, Beauty, Girl, Good Babe, Good Puppy, Good Girl, Workout-girl, Slim, Legs, Road Runner, Runner, Sprinter, Speedy Gonzalez, Speedy, Racing-girl, Earnhardt-Babe, Lightning, Jogger, Trotter, Bolt, Red, Red Bud, Pretty Eyes, Lady, Scooby, Scooby-do, Scooby-do-ette, Scooby-ette, Super-dog, Snacker, Snakerette, Snacker-roo, Snack-hound, Snack-dog, Super-snacker, Budder-roo, Banana, Snow-bunny, Snow-girl, Looney-tunes, Lola, Wascally-wabbit, Hearty dog, Pupper-dupper, Mickey's Girl, Mickey's-wife, Mrs. Mickey, Mrs. Babe, Mom, Mommy, Babie's factory, Babie's oven, Party-girl, Mickey's-toy, Boy-toy, Kidd, Champ, Babette Ruth, Air Babe, Air-Jordan-Babe, Jerry Rice, Willie-Mays-Babe, Frisbee-fiend, Frisbee-flyer, Show-off, Sprinkler-surfer, Pool puppy, Swimming girl, Rolling romper, Big Girl, Paws, Crazy kid, Balls-basher, Ginger Rogers, Cha-cha, Dancer, Dancing-bean, Jumping Bean, L. B. (linebacker), Muscles, Mus-cals, Slugger, Tesla, Shorty, Tater-tot, Banana Babe, Mrs. Apples, Mrs. Carrots, Carrot-head, Carrot-top, Pineapple-puppy, Corn-puppy, Peas-puppy, Beans-puppy, Broccoli-breath, Tater-head, Potato-head, Meat-head, Chicken-head, Turkey-head, Spaghetti dog, Bones, Cookie, Biscuit, Donut, Drooling darling, Pizza-puppy, Bubbles, Bubble-chaser, Bubble-head, Stooge, Stooge-ette, Curly, Moe, Larry, Gump-ette, Bone-head, Skunk-stinky, Wacky, Bird-brain, Knuckle-head, Capital-K-knucklehead, Sugar, Camel Kid, Cameled-up, Brew Crew, Drinking Pal, Rag-ripper, Raghead-ripper, Ripper, G.I.-Babe, G.I.-Jane, Babe-cop, Vicegrip, Jaws, Ali, Terminator, Lawn-fertilizer, Howler, Dreamer, Hound Dog, Hound, Snooze-hound, Super-snoozer, Snooze-ette, Couch-potato, Stretches, Stretchy, Super-smeller, Snozz, Super-snozz, Supersonic-ears, Super-ears, Buddy, Buddette, Pal, Helper, + a Real Friend + Loved One.

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